Friday, December 4, 2009

Ratcat the albino ferret

What would you do if you went outside one freezing below 0 degrees day in February and you found one of these living underneath your deck? The poor little thing had earmites and pneumonia, but had been surviving by chumming up with my outside cat.....eating and drinking his food. The vet said that a lot of people buy them and end up turning them loose when they discover their stinky smell. I just think that is horrible. Yes, they do stink...but scrubbing down the cage with apple cidar vinegar is an easy fix.
Well, anyway being the pushover that I am when it comes to animals, we went and bought it the best ferret cage we could find with three levels. My husband named it Zeus, my son named it Kodo from Beastmaster, and I named it Ratcat---you know like Catdog! Cause this little guy looks like half rat and half cat. So guess which name stuck?! My grandkids like him, but they are a little afraid of him because he loves to nibble toes when he plays.

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