Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dumpling # 1 - Addison Marie

Dumpling #1 - Addison Marie

Dumpling #1......The joy that you get from any grandchild is unexplainable, but when you are one of those lucky grandparents that get a duplicate of the child you raised and get to re-live your own child growing up again through your grandchild it is very emotional. Miss Addison is loaded full of her mother Savannah in looks and personality. I feel as though I can predict her actions because every thing she does I have seen before many years ago, dejuvu! Some days when she is being emotional and her parents are disciplining her in front of me I feel like standing up in front of them and saying, "who are you people, and why are you making my child cry?" LOL! , but I don't because I want her to respect her parents, even though it is REALLY HARD and so I BITE MY TONGUE. When you are a grandparent you know deep inside how fast this precious time flies by and you appreciate every single day with them, good and bad, every single mess they make, its all beautiful. Addison is a girly girl, that won't go down a slide if there is an ant on it. She sings and twirls and pretends she is a princess. She loves to have her dolls act out any situation that has gone on at home, holidays, and events. She is the typical three year old...full of why's and who's. Her teacher says she is very well behaved and considerate of others.

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