Friday, October 16, 2009

Lemi Shine

After you wash your dishes in your dishwasher and you use your detergent like Cascade, and your rinse aide like Jetdry, are you still frustrated to find your dishes covered with a white dirty substance after they are done?

Its because of hard water. And there is a product out there called Lemi Shine that works wonders for that problem. If your dishwasher has a rinse in the beginning of the cycle wait til its over then open your dishwasher up and sprinkle a little in there. You will be absolutely amazed at how your dishes shine now! I am still waiting for my husband to put me in a new water softner, but until then I buy a Lemi Shine every week, available at Walmart by the other dishwashing stuff!


  1. I went out at got some of this today after reading this! My dishwasher was coated with this white powder and now it is sparkling clean! Thanks for sharing this tip :)

  2. I know it Danielle! Seems like they would advertise on tv about this product....its such of a common problem,I'd say more people have hard water then don't. It really does work wonders!