Tuesday, October 20, 2009

fruit salad

Here is a fruit salad recipe that is awesome for two reasons:

1. Because it taste yummy.
2. If you are looking to make a large fruit salad for a party or holiday get together, this one is easy to make a lot of because it uses several canned fruit. Whats fun about making fruit salad is that you can decide how much of each fruit you want...and there is no wrong way!

Pour pineapple juice in bowl and save it, (to soak your sliced banannas and diced apples in it for 20 minutes to prevent them from browning.)
Before adding fruit drain all juices.
In large bowl slice and dice:
chunk pineapples
mandrin oranges
marshino cherries
Stir in some miniature colored marshmellows and a small box of instant vanilla pudding. Chill and enjoy.

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